Cluster Environment

ActiveImage Protector™ Cluster Edition
ActiveImage Protector™ for CLUSTERPRO

ActiveImage Protector™ Cluster Edition is optimized for clustered servers, and ActiveImage Protector™ for CLUSTERPRO is optimized for “CLUSTERPRO”, NEC’s HA clustering software.

ActiveImage Protector™ can back up and restore cluster environment without an error.

ActiveImage Protector™ backs up the entire hard disk including OS, applications and data with the latest sector-based disk imaging technology and save the created backup image files in destination storage.

In the event of a system failure, you can restore the backup image file including OS, applications and data in one restore process. Or, a single file or folder may be selected to restore.

Regardless whether physical machine or virtual environment, you need one license for one cluster environment.

For cluster environment configured with 3 or more nodes, please purchase the number of licenses required for the additional node plus the basic node license (2 nodes).

For clustered virtual machines on different hosts, you do not need Cluster Edition if you purchased the Virtual Edition for each host.