What’s ActiveImage Protector™ ?

Whether you’re using a Windows or Linux based system on a  physical or virtual machine, Hyper-V or VMware, Actiphy’s ActiveImage Protector™ is the only solution needed to protect those systems.

  • Image based backup

    Image based backup

    ActiveImage Protector™ backs up your entire machine, including the OS, settings, data files and applications, and access rights into a single image file. When disaster strikes, select a backup image to quickly restore for a fast and complete recovery.

  • Support for Cluster Environments

    Support for Cluster Environments

    ActiveImage Protector™ Cluster Edition  supports cluster environments such as Windows Server Failover Clustering.  Upon installation, ActiveImage Protector™ identifies clustered volumes and handles them correctly. Clustered volumes, cluster quorums, the system volume (mirrored volume), are properly restored and usable.

  • Faster and smaller backup with Smart Sector™ technology

    Faster and smaller backup with Smart Sector™ technology

    ActiveImage Protector™’s Smart Sector™ technology only backs up the used sectors on a disk, resulting in faster backup and smaller backup files.

  • Save storage space with IDDC

    Save storage space with IDDC

    Our Inline Data Deduplication Compression (IDDC) feature eliminates duplicate data while simultaneously compressing it, resulting in a significant reduction in backup storage requirements. An included advanced option, IDDC has no impact on backup processing time. No additional deduplication hardware or software purchase is necessary.

  • Fast Incremental Backup

    Fast Incremental Backup

    ActiveImage Protector™ includes a self developed change tracking driver that enables us to track the changes that occur on a volume incremental backups. Fast and efficient incremental backup includes only sectors that have changed from the last backuping saving you both process time and storage space. 

  • Flexible scheduling

    Flexible scheduling

    Schedule a backup to execute on a schedule that meets your needs. Flexible multi triggered scheduling lets you create full and incremental backups on specific days, daily, weekly, monthly or specific days or week in a month. In addition, with the included retention policy you can specify a predefined number of image sets to keep in order to reduce storage footprint. Our smart feature USB Smart Detect will detect if you have disconnected a USB drive and will resume backups one a USB drive has been reconnected.

  • Windows PE and Linux based Recovery Environment

    Windows PE and Linux based Recovery Environment

    Perform faster disaster recovery and cold back-ups with ActiveImage Protector’s™ Windows PE and Linux based boot environments (AIPBE). The Windows PE based boot environment builder utilizes Microsoft ADK or AIK, and Linux CentOS. 

  • Access image files via iSCSI

    Access image files via iSCSI

    ActiveImage Protector™ utilizes iSCSI to serve backup iSCSI targets to any local or remote iSCSI initiator for mounting backup images as local disks; not only providing a method to recover files and folders from a backup, but provides immediate booting of a backup image attached to a virtual machine. Additionally, using VMware vMotion streamlines the recovery process by migrating live virtual machines booted from the iSCSI disk to a hypervisor in a production environment.

  • Cluster Environment License

    Cluster Environment License

    The Cluster Edition includes the same features as found in ActiveImage Protector™ Server Edition but for Clustered Environments. The Cluster Environment License is offered as a more practical licensing solution when you are using a clustered environment.