What’s Actiphy StorageServer™?

“Actiphy StorageServer™”, a newly developed product in the ActiveImage™ Protector Solution Suite, has adopted an advanced protocol that secures data transfer and safeguards that data in storage. Additionally, Actiphy StorageServer™ has been engineered to take advantage of cache devices to increase performance during data transfer, thereby substantially reducing backup time. Actiphy StorageServer™ in effect, achieves increased data security and provides faster data transfers than the traditional Windows-shared folders or NAS based storage.

  • Safeguards Backup Files from Ransomware

    Actiphy StorageServer™ enables to add a bucket on server of the destination storage dedicated to ActiveImage Protector™ backup operation. Since the bucket is created without using network share, the risk of ransomware virus infection can be mitigated.

  • Reducing Backup time

    Actiphy’s StorageServer™ is engineered to take advantage of cache device in storage server such as USB SSD, delivering faster data transfer speed than the destination storage device, that secures stable backup process and speed.

  • Easy implementation and Web console operation

    Simply install Actiphy StorageServer™ option on an existing NAS or Windows / Linux machine. Actiphy StorageServer™’s Web console provides tools for adding a bucket in destination storage, configuring the settings for cache device, monitoring receiving / transferring data amount, etc.